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Creation of Unify Designs

Who we are and what we do.

Choose us for our creativity, eye for detail and timely service.


Having over 15 years in the sign industry, Unify Designs was born. Our vision for Unify Designs is to pride ourselves on our integrity, supplying only the best materials available on the market, using brands such as 3m, Avery and Metamark. Striving and always raising our standards, we make a conscious effort to ensure Unify Designs remains one of Bath & Bristol's most trusted and professional signage services available.


Brand awareness is more vital now than it has ever been, with a constantly saturating market, we know the importance of creating a good and trustworthy image to your customers, if all of these years have taught us anything, it is that great design, is good business.

Graphic Designing
Graphic Design Workspace

Our Mission

To come together to create great signs

and graphics.

It's that simple we want to produce great signs and graphics for our clients. With over 15 years of experience, we work with companies of all sizes, and in all industries. We are dedicated to creating an identity for your company, so that you can focus on what really matters to your business. 

Our Core Values


We always aim for innovation. We as a company will always use the best process or technology to create your products. To be at the forefront our the signage industry to be innovative is key. 


We believe in having passion in everything you do. Passion for what you do, will ensure that the best of what can be produced is produced for our clients.


We believe that integrity is vital for our customers to trust us in the service we provide. Transparency in what we do gives us freedom to create, as we have nothing to hide.

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